Dr. Thakuria is a very understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable man that tries to deal with his patients on a personal level. He is a great listener and makes the patient feel like it is a team effort to get the desired result.
Jai Agnihotri
Dr. Jagdish Thakuria made me feel at ease. He was very patient and kind, and he explained everything in detail, including all my options. He is very professional. I will definitely see Dr. Thakuria
Rohit kamra
After research and consultation with friends, I was lucky to get an appointment with one of the best specialist in the field Dr.Tarun Rajpurohit who guided and explained the reasons for the nagging pain, how the injury if neglected, will affect in future and the advantages of correcting same through a non-invasive surgery which requires only two to three days of hospitalization. He also explained in detail the rehabilitation process which requires intensive physiotherapy sessions for at least two-three months and the hand movement will take about six months to achieve normalcy due to the severity of my rotator cuff injury. At this point of time, I could not lift my hand above 90 degrees.
Vikram Dhaka