About Us

Vaishali Hospital and Surgical Research Center was established in 1999 with the aim of providing quality care under one roof at affordable cost. Dr. J.P. Thakuria a well known surgeon & his wife Dr. Payal Thakuria a practicing gynaecologist & obstetrician started the hospital 25 years back. Since then they have integrated, consolidated and added new facilities and services. Now they also offer world class latest ultra modern facilities under one roof.


To create a patient-centric, tertiary healthcare organization focused on non-intrusive quality care utilizing leading edge technology with a human touch.


  • Ensure care with Integrity and Ethics.
  • Push frontiers of care through Research and Education.
  • Adhere to National and Global Standards in Healthcare.
  • Provide Quality healthcare to all Sections of Society.


Vaishali Hospital & surgical research center is located at 69 Nand Vihar Amarpali Marg,
Vaishali Nagar is the most modern and developing area of Jaipur with all metro culture facilities in its neighborhood.


VHSRC is a multi-specialty ultra-modern hospital. We offer the latest and most advanced surgical techniques to our patients.

Hospital is equipped with ultra modern operation theatre, x-ray, laboratory, deluxe ac, semi-deluxe rooms, general ward, pantry, medical store under one roof.

Our Team

The hospital is backed by a team of qualified, competent, and experienced renowned doctors under the leadership of Dr Govind Saini a leading physician and Dr. J.P. Thakuria who himself is a doctor and master in the surgical field. Dr. Payal Thakuria wife of Dr. J. P. Thakuria is a practicing gynaecologist who also guides, and manages the day-to-day affairs apart from patient care. Polite, well behaved & thoroughly trained paramedical, nursing staff is available round the clock in the hospital.

Vaishali Hospital

Vaishali Hospital