Ear Nose Throat Surgery


The Department of ENT dealing with ear, nose, throat, head and neck, although the diseases of the three important organs are logically divided into diseases of ear, nose and throat, but all three organs are closely connected thus infection or disease of one may spread to the other. It is because of closeness of three organs that one specialist surgeon treats their diseases. Along with this ENT surgeons also treats diseases of head and neck area.

Facilties Available

  1. Tonsilectomy (Removal of Tonsil)
  2. Adneoid
  3. Chronic Ear Discharge, deafness treatment (tympanoplsty & mastoid surgery)
  4. Deviated nasal septum correction
  5. Nose Beautification surgery
  6. Foreign body removal from ear, nose and throat
  7. Treatment of salivery gland diseases (stone and cancer)